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What Happened to Kerouac? Shout Factory DVD

U.S. release of the new 2-disc collector's edition
from Shout Factory at:

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"The sole supplement is a monster of a goodie: What Happened to Kerouac: The Beat Goes On is a
139 minute compilation of even more footage featuring Hoffman, Leary, Ginsberg and the participants
from the main feature. It can almost be seen as a sequel or an extension of the 1986 movie
…with extended clips…from the principle players of The Beat Movement. If you liked the movie,
you will love this supplement."--Fox 31 Denver

"The second disc of the DVD release presents an array of interviews ... with 18 of the movie's witnesses, and it's a
real kaleidoscope, delivering a much more varied and contentious summation of what the Beats were all about."
J.R. Jones, Chicago Reader, Video Drone  more...

"This set is a goldmine of interesting anecdotes, history and footage from the people who lived it."
Angelique Flores, Home Media Magazine  more...

"A treat for fans of Kerouac or any of the Beat or Beat-associated figures included... it's such a doozy that
there's no way to complain. The second disc of extra interviews and television pieces makes this
essential for anyone interested in the Beat movement and its various authors."
Judge Gordon Sullivan, DVD Verdict  more...

The second disc gathers up the documentary’s raw source material, allowing one to experience
(among many other things) more of the insanity of Kerouac’s alternately sad and triumphant appearance
on The William F. Buckley Show—this alone worth far more than the sticker price.

Violet Lucca, FilmComment.com  more...


...A newly remastered What Happened to Kerouac? includes The Beat Goes On,
2 hours and 19 minutes of rare and unseen extras - 17 chapters with
Abbie Hoffman, Timothy Leary, Paul Krassner, Allen Ginsberg, William S. Burroughs,
Gregory Corso, Gary Snyder, Steve Allen, Ann Charters, Michael McClure,
Robert Creeley, Herbert Huncke, Carolyn Cassady, Paul Gleason, John Clellon Holmes,
Edie Kerouac Parker, Jan Kerouac, William Buckley, and Father Spike Morissette.
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The Beat Goes On features:
Wiliam S. Burroughs Timothy Leary
William S. Burroughs Timothy Leary
Gregory Corso Allen Ginsberg
Gregory Corso Allen Ginsberg
Abie Hoffman Paul Krassner
Abbie Hoffman Paul Krassner
Carolyn Cassady Edie Kerouac
Carolyn Cassady Edie Kerouac Parker
Allen Buckley Steve Allen
William Buckley Steve Allen
Herbert Huncke & Allen Ginsberg Juncke & Ginsberg
Herbert Huncke & Allen Ginsberg
Gary Snyder Ann Charters
Gary Snyder Ann Charters
Jan Kerouac Paul Gleason
Jan Kerouac Paul Gleason
John Clellon Holmes Michael McClure
John Clellon Holmes Michael McClure
Robert Creely Father Spike
Robert Creeley Father Spike Morissette